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The Best Decorated Halloween Houses of La Crosse 2021

Your 2021 guide to La Crosse’s Best Decorated Halloween Houses is here!
This list features some really impressive and creative houses, so get everyone in on the frightening fun by sharing with friends and family.
It’s almost that special spooky day where we celebrate how much fun one can have while being scared out of their wits from the horrors of the area.
But we didn’t want to wait until then, so we’ve put together this list of La Crosse’s best Halloween displays so you can check out area haunted graveyards, headless horsemen, skeletons burying bodies, scary pumpkin patches, werewolves, giant spiders, and flying ghosts (they do exist right?) every day leading up to the scariest day of the year.
Grab the kids, put on a warm jacket, and venture out into the night because there are plenty of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins waiting for you in every corner of the city!
Below is a list of the best Halloween haunts La Crosse has to offer with directions to some of the best-decorated displays in town.
We’ve also included an interactive map so it will be easy as BOO-berry pie to navigate through them all without getting lost or repeating any attractions along the way. So bundle up, and let’s go, it’s time to get spooked tonight!!!
And a special thank you to all of those who put so much work and creativity into their Halloween Haunts for everyone to enjoy!

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Winnebago Street Haunt

Winnebago Street Haunt house
2141 Winnebago Street
You'll be treated to a real scare-fest at the Winnebago Street Haunt. Lots of creepy characters make this display a real fright. A giant Pumpkinhead, a creepy baby, and ghoulish lighting are sure to leave you in a state of panic.
Viewing Hours: Dusk 'til Dawn

The Monsters on Market Street

The Monsters on Market Street house
2339 Market Street
You might already be familiar with this otherworldly display, The Monsters on Market Street is a brightly light display right off of Losey Boulevard. Featuring a 10 foot tall Skeleton and Scarecrow and many other fun and colorful terrors to explore. Make sure to stop by this creepy creation on your ominous outing.
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM

Knights & Dragons House

Knights and Dragon House
1823 Adams Street
The Knights and Dragons display features a hauntingly good vibe complete with skeletons stirring up a spooky concoction, dragons duking it out with knights, and giant spiders illuminating the yard. And if it doesn't rain and temps are above the 30's, if you show up on All Hallows Eve, you'll get a special treat with added animatronics and other displays that will be shown exclusively on Halloween night only. But if you're going on Halloween, make sure to get there early because the display will only be available until 7:30 PM.
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM (Except Halloween Night, Closes at 7:30)

Skeletons vs. Dragon

Skeletons vs Dragons house
1033 19th Street South
It's time to show the kids that Halloween isn't just about candy - though there will plenty of that, too! It's all about celebrating your favorite holiday with fun - especially when battling a dragon is involved. That's right, the skeletons are coming out this year to battle the dragon. This display has skeletons guarding the gate to the house, great halloween lighting, plenty of pumpkins, inflatable halloween decorations, and on Halloween there will be talking pumpkins that tell stories. You'll want to check out all of the thrills of the Skeletons vs. Dragon display this spooky season.
Viewing Hours: On All Night

Nightmare on Main Street

Nightmare on Main Street House
1611 Main Street
Do you dare walk down Main Street this Halloween? This Halloween house display may scare even the bravest of souls, but will not disappoint! You'll find a graveyard with spooky sayings on the tombstones, gothic fencing and fun props. The many freaky and frightening characters of the graveyard await. You won't want to miss this taste of SCARE-adise.
Viewing Hours: Dusk to Midnight

Treat or No Trick

Treat or No Trick House
2929 Ward Ave.
What tricks are waiting for you in the Town of Shelby? How about visiting the spooky little fun house on Ward Avenue featuring lots of pumpkin decorations, inflatable jack-o-lanterns and an inflatable scarecrow. Great for younger children. The atmosphere is a real treat so make sure to stop by!
Viewing Hours: Dusk to 9 or 10PM

The Schultz House

Schultz House
1526 Winnebago Street
This Halloween display features a yard filled with treats, kids and adults alike will love exploring all of the decorations. The yard is filled with skeletons including a skeleton riding a tractor, one mowing the lawn, even one roasting marshmallows over a fire. The Schultz house features an entertaining spooky space that won't soon be forgotten.
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM

The Scare on Sixteenth Street

The Scare of Sixteenth Street house
803 16th Street South
If you're not afraid of anything, then this is the place for you, skeletons, witches, ghouls, spiders, and even Freddie Krueger himself. Experience all of your favorite monsters here! You scream, I scream, we all scream for The Scare on Sixteenth St.
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM

The Crypt on Cass

The Crypt on Cass Street House
2111 Cass Street
They're preparing for the creepiest day of the year at The Crypt on Cass. It's one frightening affair that lights up an eerie orange glow with skeletons burying bodies, witches, and ghosts hanging around. This spine-tingling display will have you wanting to eat, drink, and be buried.
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM

The Wagoner House

The Wagoner House
2933 21st Place S
You'll find plenty of spooky-sights at the Wagoner House. Expect skulls, ghosts, skeletons, and more scattered throughout the yard resembling a haunted cemetery. A great display of spooky decorations ready for all of those brave the walk through to proclaim, "Trick or Treat!"
Viewing Hours: Dusk until Midnight

The Reshel House

The Reshel House
3144 29th Street
This year, the ghosts and goblins took over the front yard of this south side home on 29th Street. Kids will enjoy the spooky inflatables and creepy cool cemetery. The person in the swing sends shivers down your spine as they swing slowly back and forth in the wind, do they know you're there?
Viewing Hours: Dusk until 11PM

The Horseman's Hollow

The Horseman's Hollow House
2121 Mississippi Street
Visitors are sure to have a spine-chilling good time when they visit The Horseman's Hollow. This haunted yard features a spooky pumpkin patch and animatronic scarecrow, some great lighting effects, a headless horseman, and more treats to feed your need for Halloween fun.
Viewing Hours: 6PM until 9:00PM

The House With Good Bones

The House with Good bones
1318 Liberty Street
Some scary good skills went into this haunting Halloween display, it's got spook-tacular lighting, and with the wide cast of characters; skeletons, a scarecrow, a witch, a tree filled with flying ghosts, you'll have nowhere to hide!
Viewing Hours: 7PM until Midnight

Olson House Orchard

Olson Orchard House
1903 Liberty Street
This Halloween asking for candy will be the boring part for Trick or Treaters, the fun part will be exploring the horrors that lurk in yards like the one at the Olson House Orchard, if you're brave enough to go there in the first place.
Viewing hours: Dusk until Midnight

The Halloween Houses Map

Use the map below to help you navigate to all of the houses, click the button below the map to open the full map in a new window or in your Google Maps app.